Mourning, Ferguson, and Lacking Time

During our period of mourning our country literally went batshit insane (chunks of it, anyway). Not much accurate information is making it onto television (Huffington Post is trying its best), so I’ve been primarily focused on doing a lot of research and passing it on. This involves hours of witnessing blatant human rights violations in real-time on live feeds. By the end of it every day I don’t have a lot of time or desire to do much else except go to bed hoping I don’t wake up to hear the worst. So bear with me here. I’ll upload some screenshots and return to inappropriate jokes and content soon. In the meanwhile, wondering how you can help? The children and families of Ferguson appreciate it.

In which I get thrashed at a game of Hearthstone and I just cling to dear life until we both run out of cards and I use my last one to Mind Control their 8/8 and then just heal myself through Fatigue (cumulative damage per turn because neither of us have cards to play) until they lose.

Never give up, never surrender!