So, Thanks For That

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your continued interest in all of my (inappropriate) misadventures — whether you’re part of the Dark Souls community, Warframe community, FFXIV community, Dayz community, Warcraft community, Saints Row community, or some other gaming community I’ve not said because I’m too busy playing video games to ever make a proper list. But yeah, thanks.


ghost-forge asked:

bellanes-in-archeld answered:

"Well, we’re not friends, you can knock that idea right out of your head." Motes points a stern, steady finger at the nosy asker. "If someone said that, it wasn’t me. And I don’t know exactly what I would say about Forge. A few months ago, I would have said I saw them as a mentor—unreasonably wise for one so prone to wisecracks."

"Forge is undeniably frightening, but I mean, I don’t plan on getting in a fight with them. No, I think I would just rather not be there when the murder machine draws its axe. I think I might have pushed a few of their buttons a bit too far once or twice, but I’m not unhappy with my rapport with Forge.”

"I’ll tell you one thing—well, okay, more than one thing. First thing, don’t fuck with Forge’s socks. And two, if that motherfucker ever learns to bake we will be given diabetes." Her eyes move to behind her fellow conversationalist.

"No, Forge, I meant that maybe you wouldn’t have to hit people so much if you sassed them with baked goods instead. It’s probably healthier than—I’ll just go, I’m going."