ghost-forge asked for this a long time ago, and I finally delivered.

I need to reconfigure my mic-thing so I’m not sitting directly next to it and making the sound distort and whatever.

But! I delivered!

I know it’s not the best, but if anyone wants a little song thing like this recorded, please tell me and I’ll see if I can find the sheet music for it (because I’m lazy and don’t want to spend three hours sussing out the notes and memorizing the whole thing).

And if I can find the sheet music, chances are I’ll record it.

I need things to motivate me so I will take my time and practice more so please send a me a request if you have it. Just send me an ask or something.

Also tagging chromophage because she wanted to hear this.

I have had a really long week and it’s only Wednesday and this improved it so much. Thank you for being so talented and awesome!



So, thought I’d finally just talk about since this is what blogs are for.

I have no issues running hardcore end game stuff with pugs. Hell, if I didn’t, I’d be stuck in an ilevel 100 rut right now. I also have a medical condition called Dyspraxia. To this point, I’ve…

I find that fights like this are easier for me as tank. Where I can focus on a singular task and kinda tunnel vision. I’m also color blind though, so “watch out for aoe!” as a squishy DPS while there’s a shit load of colors flashing everywhere and I can only differentiate half of them ranges from difficult to impossible.

That’s basically why in any game I’m given the choice, I level the tank career path first. Because I know end game there’s going to be a ton of flashy circles and particle effects everywhere and as a DPS I’ll be expected to dance between them while maintaining my damage and “blue circle is good but green circle is bad” is meaningless to me. They’re both fucking blue, mate.

Or green circle on blue floor or blue circle on green floor, or adds of specific colors. Just wtf are you even saying to me right now? You may as well be speaking Yiddish. It was a nightmare during King Mog, I had to have the adds called by name rather than pom color and in a pug that can be disastrous. It was much easier as tank, then I only had to know the names of two adds.

You may want to give that a go. I know the idea of leveling another job and gearing it is daunting, especially if you haven’t even begun leveling/gearing a tank yet… but if the people you are running with would allow you to play job A but greed on the gear for job B, it might be the way to go or at least worth a shot. It works marvelously for me.